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The Authority has the following main departments

1. Land Acquisition Department

2. Town Planning Department

3. Engineering Department

4. Allotment & General Administration Department

5. Finance Department

6. Law Department

7. Public Relations Department

8. Environment & Horticulture Department


1)  The Land Acquisition Department works in close liaison with the Engineering Department for the purpose of acquiring lands required for executing various developmental schemes & formation of new layouts.

2)  The Town Planning Department is responsible for preparation and revision of the Comprehensive Development Plan for Bangalore Metropolitan Area, periodically, preparation of Layout Plans, approval of Development Plans for Layouts and Group Housing Schemes and generally assists the Authority in its function as the Planning Authority for Bangalore. It also monitors the change of land use in the CDP area.

3)  The Engineering Department is primarily concerned with the execution of various developmental schemes in the layouts as also infrastructural works. This department also monitors the execution of water supply and underground drainage works in BDA layouts taken up by BWSSB and electrification works executed by BESCOM and also takes of works on self execution.

4) The Allotment & Administration Department handles all matters pertaining to allotment of sites, shops and houses, assessment of property tax, leases and shop rents. The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of all establishment and general administrative matters.   

5)  The Finance Department renders advise to the Authority on various financial issues and is also entrusted with the responsibility of maintenance of the accounts of the Authority. This Department also oversees the demand, collection and balance of dues to the Authority.

6)  The Law Department advises the Authority on various legal issues, handles litigations by and against the Authority in various courts, etc.

7)  The Public Relations Department receives applications for various purposes from public on acknowledgement and thereafter transmit them to various departments for necessary action. Apart from the above, Public Relations office handles the media issues. These include publication of press notes, advertisements as also rejoinders and clarifications with reference to reports appearing in newspapers about the Organisation.