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Bangalore Development Authority,


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Bangalore Development Authority,


Tel: 23442271, 73, 74 Extn: 242

On completion of the Integrated Urban Environment Improvement Project (IUEIP) with the assistance from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in 4 residential layouts (HBR, HRBR, OMBR and East of NGEF) during 1998-99 to 2001-02, BDA has initiated steps to replicate the Environment Improvement Programme in other layouts under its jurisdiction such as HSR Layout, Anjanapura Layout etc. For this purpose a provision of Rs.400 lakh has been made in the Budget Estimate for 2003-04.

Under the programme, door-to-door collection of household waste was launched in HSR Layout on 31-3-2003. This activity is being implemented by the BDA in co-ordination with the Centre for Environment Education (CEE). The household waste is segregated into wet waste (organic waste) and dry waste. The segregated waste is collected in separate containers daily from the house holds by trained waste retrievers who are provided with tricycles, drums etc., for the purpose. The wet waste is transported to the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation on a regular basis in PIAGGIO Auto fitted with dumper placer. The dry waste is cleared to designated landfills by the garbage contractor.

Another important component of the programme is Open Space Management involving improvement of roadsides, parks etc. This component is implemented by the Engineering and Horticulture Departments in BDA. The works of planning in roadsides, development of selected parks by providing chain-link fencing, bore-wells, pump-houses, sump tanks and planting of seedlings etc., is in progress. Total cost of such works already carried out and newly taken up amounts to over Rs.136 lakhs.