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Request for Prposals for Preparation of Revised Master Plan for Bangalore - 2035


As per the Government Notification vide No.UDD/286/MNY/2003, Dated: 26/02/2004, the Powers of the Planning Authority under section -14 and 15, 18, 24, 35(2) 46, and 47 of the KTCP Act -1961 are delegated to the Commissioner, BBMP by the Government. Hence it is hereby informed to the general public that complaints regarding violation of building plans may be sent to the Commissioner, BBMP.

View Copies of No. UDD 92 MNY 2006, Bangalore, dated: 16.1.2007

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The Plan considers the present situation, the various growth trends at work and future issues. It integrates key influencing factors including City's natural environment, its heritage, and issues of economic efficiency and social equality.


Bangalore Development Authority is the Planning Authority for Bangalore Metropolitan area. As a Planning Authority, BDA has to prepare the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) for Bangalore Metropolitan area. CDP will be revised once in ten years as per section 25 of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961. The first Comprehensive Development Plan for Bangalore Metropolitan area was approved on 12.10.1984. Subsequently Revised CDP was approved on 05.01.1995 which is still in force. The total jurisdiction of BDA as per Revised CDP is 1279 Sq. Kms. area. Out of this, the Green Belt area covers 682 Sq. Kms. The conurbation area (urbanisable area) is 597 Sq. Kms. including spotted development. Out of this conurbation area, about 225 Sq. Kms. areas is the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike area. BDA has now taken up re-revision of CDP, which is under progress.

Metropolitan area of BDA covers the following taluks as per 1995 Revised CDP.

Bangalore North

Bangalore South

Bangalore East (Now called)

Anekal (Part)

Hoskote (Part)

Devanahalli (Part)

Magadi (Part)

Nelamangala (Part)


• Preparation of Comprehensive Development Plan for the Bangalore Metropolitan Area.

BDA is the Planning Authority for Bangalore Metropolitan Area. Comprehensive Development Plan will be revised once in 10 years as per section 25 of K.T. & C.P. Act 1961. The first Comprehensive Development Plan for Bangalore Metropolitan Area was prepared and approved on 12.10.1984. Subsequently Revised Comprehensive Development Plan was approved on 05.01.1995 which is still in force. As per Section of 25 KT & CP Act 1961. BDA has taken up revision of Comprehensive Development Plan which is under active progress.

• Preparation of schemes and layouts plans for BDA schemes.

After acquisition of lands by BDA, Town Planning Section will prepare for BDA lands under section 16(d) of BDA Act 1976. At present Authority has taken up Arkavathy scheme providing for 20,000 sites.

• Approval of residential Industrial & Commercial Layouts in favour of House Building Co-Operative Society (HBCS) / Institutions and individuals and also approval of development plan for Group Housing Scheme.

After receipt of applications from HBCS, individuals and institutions, proposal will be examined as scrutinised with reference to the Zoning of Land use regulations of RCDP and also land use of RCDP. No Objection Certificates from BWSSB, Bescom, Pollution Control Board are required in addition to other documents such as ownership conversion of land etc. Likewise authority also receives application for approval of development of plan for group Housing. In this case if it is more than Ground + Four and above Floors, No Objection Certificates from Air Port Authority, Telecom (BSNL) Fire-force are required in addition to BWSSB and KPTCL. No Objection Certificates. Both layout and Development Plan are considered as per norms are as prescribed in the Zoning Regulations.

• Change of Land Use.

Authority receives applications for change of land use from Residential to Commercial, Industrial to Residential, Public and Semi Public to Residential etc. This application will be processed under section 14: A of KTCP Act 1961. Objection from the public will be invited fro calling objections, if any within16 days from the notification published in the New Papers. After this subject will be placed before the Committee for taking a decision. The cases which are approved by the Committee will be sent to the Government for according approval for Change in Land Use. After seeking Government Approval, a necessary fee is to be collected and Commencement Certificate will be issued.

• Scrutiny of Multi Dwelling Apartments.

Town Planning Section furnishes opinion for sanctioning Multi Dwelling Apartments when cases referred by the Engineering Section.

• Approval of Bifurcation & Amalgamation of Plots.

Approval granted as per the provisions of Zoning Regulations.

• Furnishing Technical opinion on planning matters to various other sections of BDA, Government department and agencies. Town Planning Section furnishes opinion in respect of Town Planning matters, both within the state and outside the State Government and other agencies.


Under Section 25 of the KTCP Act, 1961 Revision of Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) activity is periodic, once in ten years. The CDP of Bangalore, which was originally prepared and approved by Government in 1984 and later revised (first revision) and approved in 1995, needs second revision based on up to date physical developments and trends in growth of the Metropolis. Also, it is mandatory, under Section 25 of the KTCP Act to revise the CDP within 10 years after it is approved by Government.

Accurate, comprehensive and scientifically prepared base maps at different scales were necessary to commence the work on Second Revision to CDP. For this purpose Government in December 1998 approved the proposal of BDA for getting maps prepared from Aerial Photography by the NRSA of Hyderabad. NRSA had delivered first proof plots at scale 1:2,000 by July 2002. The proof plots were checked and returned to NRSA. NRSA was to effect corrections to maps and deliver second proof plots. Digital data and hard copies of the corrected maps are adequate to carry out planning surveys and planning studies. Therefore, work on Second Revision to CDP could commence from April, 2003. For the second revision of CDP and other services under the Indo - French Protocol, arrangement was being made to engage a French consultant. In this connection, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in February 2003 with the BDA and M/S Strategic Conseil Etudes (SCE) consortium comprising the City Government of Paris (APUR) - the Greater Paris Development and Planning Authorities (IAURIF), the Sorbonne University and the Group 8; in the presence of French Prime Minister and the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka.

The commercial contract was finalised and signed on the 2nd of June 2003, officially launching the MSDI project, comprising among other activities, the 95 CDP revision.

To tackle the CDP revision exercise in the time frame and legal frame work (section 25 of the KTCP Act), four main components have been initiated in parallel:

a. A wholistic data collection process among the main private and public stakeholders.

b. A comprehensive ground Existing Land Use Survey including the CMC's and the BCC areas

c. "Urban diagnosis" and furnishing the "scientific" elements for 2020 "Bangalore vision"

d. The mapping and data consolidation activities, comprising of the preparation of the spatial data for urban planning and city management perspectives (data modelling, detailed data base and GIS design, etc)

City diagnostic surveys have been completed by the consultant which covers major areas like population structure, Urban pattern, social development, socio-economic matters, housing, civic amenities, infrastructure, traffic and transportation and institutional efficiency etc.

The map supplied by the NRSA in the scale of 1:2000 comprising of 699 tiles which was delivered to the consultants have been corrected for Geometrical consistency and standardization and all the maps are made GIS enabled.

In addition, ward maps have been prepared for all the CMCs after collecting data from the concerned CMCs.

The complete integration of survey numbers along with the existing village boundaries has been completed and exact boundaries of all the administrative limits of CMCs within BDA limits are marked. The digital version of the existing land use is prepared for all the agglomeration areas covering an extent of more than 500 sq.km.


Scientifically prepared large-scale topographical maps have reference to the World Geodetic System. Maps need updating by survey for new developments after the survey (Aerial Photography) for initial mapping. To carryout field survey manually, reference points, which are connected to the reference for initial mapping are required. For this purpose, the Authority had constructed during the year 2000, 600 survey monuments with specified metallic markers. The position of the points, with reference to the World Geodetic System in terms of co-ordinates was to be determined using Global Position System (GPS) receivers by observing satellites. This work had been entrusted to the Survey of India considering the technical, operational and cost parameters. The Survey of India has commenced the reconnaissance work in December 2002. GPS observation work was commenced on Jan. 27, 2003 and was completed for 510 points in the first week of March 2003. The second phase of work to fix additional control points to fill up gap areas and to re-establish disturbed points was taken up by BDA in June 2003 and additional points were fixed. Survey of India completed the GPS and Levelling work in October 2003. The final data for a total of 714 survey control points covering the entire Bangalore Metropolitan Area has been received from Survey of India in November 2003.


1. Government vide its order No. HUD 98 TTP 80 dt. 26.08.1980 have constituted a Committee for Airfield Environmental Management under the Chairmanship of the Chairman, BDA. For this Committee the Town Planner Member of the Authority is the Member Secretary. Now, the Government is pleased to reconstitute the Committee for Environmental Management of Bangalore Airfields including the areas of the proposed International Airport at Devanahalli vide Govt. Order No. UDD 115 BEM RUPRA 2002 Bangalore dated 12th August 2002. Newly reconstituted committee held its 1st meeting on 7.9.2002 under the chairmanship of BDA Chairman.

As per the proceedings of the meeting, it was decided to write to the Government to include the a. Commissioner, BDA; b. Commissioner, BMRDA; c. Chairman, BIAAPA; d. Chief Manager (Air Traffic Control), HAL, Bangalore and e. Principal Secretary to Govt. Animal Husbandary Dept. as members in the committee. And it was felt that a Sub-Committee may be set up to look into the implementation of all the decisions taken in the past meetings.

The sub-committee conducted a meeting and joint inspection of problematic areas around HAL Airport on 7.5.2003 under the leadership of Sri Rin Sanga, the Chairman, BDA and Airfield Environment Management Committee. The concerned authorities were intimated to take appropriate action. This Committee is conducting meetings from time to time in addition to above all.

2. Within the LPA, land use violations are being identified and in such cases suitable action is being initiated under K.TCP Act 1961.

3. Technical opinion is being furnished by the Town Planning Section to the Government, local bodies and to other agencies as and when referred to.

The land owners /developers are hereby warned not to form unauthorised layouts in the Bangalore Metropolitan Area and cheat the public. Formation of unauthorised layouts without approval by BDA will attract penalty as well as imprisonment on conviction under the KTCP Act 1961. Further, BDA is constrained to acquire the lands where such unauthorised layouts are formed.
Zoning Regulations RMP 2015
Amendments to Zoning Regulations
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